Your Towns & Cities in the Great War, Tynemouth in the Great War

This popular series provides detailed snapshots of towns and cities during WWI with concise text good images at a very affordable price. This new volume looks at Tynemouth in detail. – Highly Recommended.

The towns and cities were all affected by the first total industrial war. There were 
many similar experiences, but each had its own local differences. As a result, this 
series not only appeals to readers who have connections with the area covered by a 
particular volume, but serious students of military history and the impact of the Great 
War find this unique series a wonderful collection of information in a series of 
snapshots of life on the Home Front.

During the Great War, the entire population was mobilized in one form or another. 
The young men of Tynemouth flocked to the colours as volunteers. That left huge 
numbers of job vacancies that were filled by women and men too old for military 
service. For the women, this was often their first experience of work and pay packets. 
They worked long hours, often doing the most dangerous jobs in munitions 
manufacture. Businesses that had produced shoes and clothing for local people turned 
to producing boots and uniforms. Even as the casualty lists grew longer and everyone 
had either lost a relative, friend, or knew someone who was wounded or killed, the 
support for the national effort was inspiring.

Tynemouth had a very strong association with ships and the seas. Its sailors fished, 
manned merchant marine vessels and warships. Its yard workers built, maintained and 
repaired merchant and naval vessels in a special contribution to the war effort. 

War artist Snaffles captured a Tyneside contribution to armed trawlers in “Watching 
the Sweep” with a margin sketch of a 'Tynesider' as engineer with his oil can and 
showed the way that Britons came together in these crews, with margin sketches of 
the 'Skipper', the 'Mate', the trawler man from 'Muckleflugger', and the fisherman 
from 'Grimsby', with a footnote sketch of two armed trawlers sweeping for mines 
ahead of a convoy, setting off the coloured sketch of the trawler with snow on its 
decks and the 3 pounder on the forecastle, the 'Muckleflugger' in his trademark duffel 
coat and pipe leaning on the rail and watching the para vane at the end of the sweep 

The author has provided an amazing amount of detailed information, supported by a 
very good selection of images, providing a wonderful snapshot of Northampton at war.