Working from home Manual


This manual follows the Haynes traditional format of heavy illustration and concise text in a logical progression from selection through operation and maintenance to provide best value from the subject of the manual. It covers a very important social and career opportunity that is becoming increasingly popular. Working from home is a reality for more people every month in most countries. Unfortunately, many of those who come to work from home make poor use of the opportunities and pay inadequate attention to the challenges and risks. The home computer and the Internet potentially enable people in many different jobs to work from home for part or all of the time. It can be a valuable new choice for young mothers and people who suffer illness or disability or are caring for a family member who needs long term care. It can greatly reduce both the need for commuting and new office space in cities. For executives and sales staff, the ability to work quietly at home on quotations and proposals can be very important and company continuity and risk policies benefit from catering for an immediate increase in the numbers of home workers following a major incident that has destroyed the normal corporate facilities. However, there are very many challenges. Employers often see home working as a way of reducing their costs and make no attempt to adequately compensate the employee for providing work facilities at home. There are many potential security issues both for the employer and the employee.

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