Wings on My Sleeve


The hardest book to review is always that which seems free of error, does not over state the subject, and has no apparent anomaly. This is one of those very rare books and one which tells a story that is almost incredible. When the author has achieved such a book and yet conveyed the impression of someone who is modest about an extraordinary life that book is exceedingly rare. Winkle Brown has written many articles during his life about his work and experiences as a unique test pilot from a time when test pilots were both highly skilled pilots and had practical engineering appreciation, flying not only new designs but designs that were beyond all established experience. This is a book that no one who claims even the slightest interest in aviation could afford not to buy and read and reread. It should appeal and benefit an even wider readership because it is a modest and warm human story from someone who has experienced a career that he has so clearly enjoyed and who conveys the feeling that he does not fully appreciate how uniquely important that career has been to his country and to so many naval aviators. Perhaps the greatest achievement has been in writing a book that not only contains so much content of value to today’s aviation professionals but is written in a way that will make it equally compulsive reading for those who have little or no real knowledge of the technologies involved. The reader is invited into the cockpits of the most amazingly varied range of aircraft for never to be forgotten flights.

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