Wiley Nautical Weather Service

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Wiley is already a well-established and respected publisher of technical, educational, and guide, books and manuals. They are now establishing a new line of electronic publications, drawing on the huge information base already established by their paper-based publications. The new service begins as a weather forecasting service that is available via the Internet for home computers and laptop computers at no charge. The necessary client software is also available free of charge. The same range of service is available to mobile phone users at a small charge in three pricing options and is compatible with some 80% of the mobile phones available today. Those requiring frequent forecasts are able to take out subscriptions. Those who require frequent forecasts through a short period have the option of paying for pre-paid bundles. Occasional users have the option of one-off charges. The review was conducted using the first Press Issue of the service with information and access facilities contained in a CD ROM.









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