Transport Philately Series, Aircraft and Aviation Stamps, A Collector’s Guide

A welcome addition to a delightful series of collector’s guides. A beautifully produced and illustrated book covering aircraft and aviation stamps. – Very Highly Recommended.

NAME:   Transport Philately Series, Aircraft and Aviation Stamps, A Collector's Guide
FILE: R3171
AUTHOR: Howard Piltz
PUBLISHER: Pen & Sword Transport
BINDING: hard back
PRICE: £16.99                                                               
GENRE: Non Fiction
SUBJECT:   postage stamps, stamp collecting, philately, collectors, collections, 
valuable stamps, aircraft, aviation, first day covers, sets of stamps, rare stamps, stamp 
producing nations, aviation pioneers, record breakers, civil aircraft, military aircraft, 
air forces, airlines, training aircraft, transport aircraft

ISBN: 1-47387-186-7

PAGES: 126
IMAGE: B3171.jpg
DESCRIPTION: A welcome addition to a delightful series of collector's guides. A 
beautifully produced and illustrated book covering aircraft and aviation 
stamps. – Very Highly Recommended.

The collecting of stamps continues to be extremely popular for people of all interests and ages. The beauty of philately is that it is a hobby that can be entered into a very little expense. How it will fair into the future remains to be seen as the traditional postage stamp is replaced by franking and the sending of smaller packets and letters continues to reduce. One method of addressing general postal trends is the Royal Mail service for collectors where special stamps and sets of stamps are produced specifically for collectors but can still be used to pay for postage. From the early days, special stamps have developed with First Day Delivery, neatly applied to special envelopes and carefully marked as first day deliveries. To this service has been added special stamp packs that include booklets describing the subjects and their part in history and events. This may provide a way of encouraging philately long after the stamped letter becomes a thing of the part. It is changing the nature of stamp collecting because children can no longer start their hobby by steaming stamps of letters received and mounting them in a stamp collection folder. It will be increasingly necessary to start with an amount of money to buy old stamps or new special editions and it can involve a significant amount of money.

The author is an avid collector of stamps and a transport enthusiast with his passions displayed in this delightful and informative book. The publishers have done a fine job of producing a quality book at a very aggressively low price. The standard of definition of images is first class.

After an very readable introduction and review of aviation and aircraft as seen through the World’s postage stamps, the author begins his national/region coverage of the subject with the British Isles. In this chapter, he shows how well such a huge subject can be covered in a compact but interesting manner. Great Britain has been a pioneer in aviation, responsible for many of the most important advances in this transport industry and flying to every corner of the World. At the same time, the British Empire, followed by the Commonwealth and the basis of Britain as a global trading nation, and its role in pioneering postage stamps, means that it is directly and indirectly responsible for an enormous range of aircraft and aviation subjects that have been captured in postage stamps. From that wealth the author has successfully distilled into a few pages a very interesting guide and review. This very promising start is then successfully carried on through memorable aircraft and aviation stamps from stamp producing nations of the World. Not every country has been included and certainly not every aircraft or aviation stamp ever produced

There is much advice that will be of value to even the most experienced stamp collectors. For many, philately will be an absorbing hobby with the pride of collection. It is a durable hobby and one that survives the ravages of age. It can also be a very profitable activity and represent an attractive financial investment.

There may be many surprises for readers, some thought provoking content and some new ideas for developing a much loved hobby.