Tirpitz Hunting the Beast

This is a well researched and written history of the German battleship Tirpitz and the series of attacks that led to her destruction. Tirpitz is one of those vessels that attracts much literary attention. As an operational warship her performance was meagre, but is an icon of Nazi naval capability and as a lurking threat, her footprint in WWII naval history is significant. When she was launched in 1939 by the eldest daughter of Grand Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz she was a visible indication of the potential of the German surface fleet and the growing international impact of Nazi Germany. The destruction of her sister vessel Bismark marked a change in German confidence in the capability of surface warships and the ascendancy of the U-Boat fleet in naval priority. As a result, apart from some early minor pinprick actions, Tirpitz was to spend her brief life as little more than a garrison vessel operationally. Her value and importance was that her potential threatened Allied naval and merchant marine operations tying down considerable Allied assets against the possibility that she might try to destroy the Russian convoys from North America or break out into the Atlantic as Bismark had tried.






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