The Wars of the Roses


A delightful guide that is heavily illustrated, including colour photographs. Much is still to be seen of the remains from the period of the Wars of the Roses. England is peppered with castles, churches and city walls from the period, some of them in a very good state of preservation, even palaces and private houses have survived. The period is more than an important episode in English history because it marked the passage from the Norman French rule that followed the invasion by William the Bastard in 1066 into the period of the Tudors and the foundations of World Empire. The ruling structure of Monarch, Barons and Church began rapidly to give way to Monarch and Parliament in a largely secular state. It is not surprising that so many people from so many different national and cultural backgrounds should wish to tour the battlefields, the castles, the ancient towns, the churches that are both part of the history of the period and the memorial to it. This book is the indispensable guide and companion for those who seek to walk the ways of York and Lancaster, to see the remains of heraldry and architecture. The author has divided his work geographically, prefaced by a brief history of the Wars of the Roses. The illustrations have been well selected and nicely reproduced.

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