The Vulcan Story


This is one of a series of excellent pocket books from Sutton Publishing. It tells the story of the Vulcan V-Bomber and the efforts to restore one survivor to full display flying condition. The concise text packs a great deal of information into a compact book, illustrated copiously by some first class bandw and full colour images. The author follows the story of the Vulcan from its first career as one of three V-Bomber types that provided the British nuclear deterrent until the introduction of the submarine launched Polaris missile system. It continues with the story of the use of the Vulcan for maritime reconnaissance, as an aerial refuelling tanker and as a test bed for Concorde engines. In the autumn of its service life, the Vulcan was used on the daring Black Buck raids where Vulcans few from the UK with in-flight refuelling to drop 1,000 lb bombs on Port Stanley airfield in the Falklands to deny the runway to Argentine jet combat aircraft during the campaign to eject Argentine invaders from British soil. Finally, the Vulcan became a much loved feature of air shows and could have ended as scrap. The book concludes with the story of the project to fully return a Vulcan to display flying and lists all the museums

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