The Victorian Summer of the Clyde Steamers


An interesting book on a subject that has received less attention than it deserved. The period 1864 to 1888 was not so much a Victorian Summer as a Golden Age of Clyde Steamers. It should be remembered that the pioneering Comet only started to voyage between the harbours of the Firth of Clyde in 1812. In the two decades from the mid 1860s, the classic Clyde Paddle Steamer provided fast and affordable transport in the Firth of Clyde. Pateron has assembled a most interesting collection of information on this period, illustrated by black and white photographs from the early years of photography. Also reproduced are facsimiles of the Steamer Companies’ advertisements, the pennants and funnel markings and a wealth of detail on the personalities and events of this exciting period in steam ship development and employment in the Clyde

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