The Sally Traffic Handbook


And now for something different. Readers who have not listened to a BBC radio traffic report in Britain may not know who Sally Boazman is. She has become something of a national treasure as a reliable and effective source of traffic news. Haynes Publishing have established their reputation on the very effective vehicle manuals which they produce, and have been expanding their handbook and manual approach beyond vehicle engineering. Combining Haynes and Sally has resulted in an interesting, informative and entertaining book that should appeal to a very wide range of readers within Britain but should also achieve an international readership because it provides an informed insight into British transport networks and society. Sally has become known as Sally Traffic and her fresh approach to presenting traffic news by radio has built up a network of driver contributors who telephone news in to her each day, augmenting other information sources with eye-on-the-ground current reports. She has a strong trucker following and this interaction between Sally and her listeners has produced a very effective method of providing information on the state of roads across Britain.

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