The Royal Navy Officer’s Pocket-Book 1944


Anova published under their Conway imprint A Seaman’s Pocket-Book which was an edited version of a book produced for issue to all RN seamen in 1943. An equivalent pocket-book did not exist for officers. The pocket-book for officers has been created by collecting and editing a series of pamphlets that were produced in guidance of RN officers. This pocket-book is based on seven of the pamphlets to produce a book that is the same size as the Seaman’s Pocket-book. Where a linen-effect cover was used for the seaman’s book, the officer’s book has been given a leather-effect cover in chocolate brown. Coloured end papers have been used depicting a destroyer and 4 inch gun cutaway at the front and plan view sketches of the bridge of HMS Duncan and the Wardroom and officers’ cabins of a River Class frigate at the back. The reverse of the left rear end paper carries a coloured advertisement for Gieves ‘outfitters to the Royal Navy’ from the 1930s. There is no coverage of fighting and engineering guides, but the seven pamphlets used to create this book cover all the other aspects of the life of a Royal Navy officer in 1944.

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