The Restoration Handbook


Words can become immensely important to purists and the title of this book may set on edge the teeth of many a classic boat enthusiast. For many, the words ‘restoration’ and ‘boat’ conjure up images of ancient wooden hulls and brass work, natural fibre ropes and hand-stitched canvas sales. However, this book recounts the work to bring back a relatively modern yacht to full working order and the visual condition she demonstrated as she entered the water for the first time. This is therefore fairly a restoration story that is presented in the form of a lavishly illustrated handbook. The subject of this book is Samba, a North Wind 40, an Angus Primrose design. The description of the approach to restoration and the account of the work as it progressed can be applied to almost any yacht. As a GRP hull, Sama required repair of osmosis and the restoration covered every part of the vessel. The author starts by saying that he was not too sure where to make a start in writing the book, but he has achieved a logical and readable account from basics through to a fully restored vessel. Much of the book comprises full colour photographs with captions to provide a step by step account of work. When someone tackles a restoration, a common mistake is to concentrated on cleaning back to sound material and then working forward to achieve a result that looks good.

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