The Concord Story


This book is excellent value for money and a superb souvenir of one of the greatest aircraft of all time. Having flown on a prototype and then been present years later when that same aircraft flew in become a major attraction at a museum, this reviewer has a strong affection for Concorde and was delighted to be given such an excellent book on her to review. The jacket image that accompanies this review was scanned and the method of printing which provides such a high quality image in the book itself does not scan well and does not do justice to the book. Books come in all shapes and sizes and this is an interesting presentation of information. Priced at a level that is affordable as a small present to a young enthusiast and well within the scope of pocket money. The content will appeal to people of all ages and across a wide range of interests. It is essentially a photo essay on a beautiful aerial machine that is a tribute to British and French engineering skills, but an amazing amount of information has been put into the text

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