Personal Security Handbook


The author has a background in security roles and this is an interesting book. Even by concentrating on personal security, it is still a huge subject and this book is not really comprehensive enough to justify the status of a handbook. That should in no way put off a potential reader. The work is very easy to follow, there is a great deal of illustration which is not always necessary or beneficial to the text, but makes a potentially demanding subject easier to work through. The great difficulty in presenting any aspect of security is that for most people it contains bad news they would rather not hear about. At the other extreme is the person with a bunker mentality who is terrified of risk. What the book does well is get over the very easy and practical steps that can be taken to reduce risk to the person. Many readers will be pleasantly surprised to find that personal security is largely common sense, awareness of surroundings and avoiding exposure to risk where it is not necessary to be exposed.

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