Pathfinder Guide GPS for Walkers


Jarrold is a long established family business in Norwich, providing a large department store, office supplies and equipment and a large printing works. NPI acquired the publishing business in 2007 and is continuing the tradition of high quality guides that were the mainstay of the Jarrold publishing business. This book is one of a series of walking guides covering much of Britain and aimed primarily at those who enjoy discovering on foot. Where the other volumes contain a selection of walks, this volume provides a first rate introduction to the use of GPS and digital maps. The guide covers a selection of popular GPS devices and is particularly valuable because it describes the limitations of GPS and digital mapping and demonstrates how it can be used in conjunction with the traditional compass and OS map. This reviewer has only just begun a review of the Pathfinder Guides and some volumes may yet remain to be updated and reissued, but the Walks ( Nos 45 and 48) already reviewed have been updated to include GPS waypoints and therefore neatly dovetail with this straight forward and easy to follow guide to using GPS and digital maps. This guide is highly recommended

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