Life as a Battle of Britain Pilot


Jonathan Falconer has established a solid reputation for books that cover aviation history during World War Two. Usually, he writes substantial historical works that will stand the test of time and have been thoroughly researched and are well written. Inevitably, these books tend to be more seriously priced and appeal strongly to professionals and enthusiasts in the subjects. Here is a very refreshing new book that is extremely affordable, easily pocketed and yet it achieves the same standards of authority and integrity. It is an excellent study for those coming fresh to the subject and embarking on a voyage of discovery into the world of aviation and aviation at war. A serious student of the subject might learn nothing new from this book although it provides a different and very human view of matters which are often written of in a technical and highly detailed manner that covers small areas in depth but leaves many gaps in a general appreciation of the wider perspective and its human aspects.

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