Ionian Cruising Companion


The first of two ‘new look’ Cruising Companions to be published by Wiley Nautical since the acquisition of the series in June 07. Although the publisher is aiming at sailors, this is a comprehensive and enjoyable guide to the West Aegean. An A4-sized volume that is surprisingly heavy, this book is very good value and affordable as a general interest book. The author has done a very good job of collecting together all of the information that a sailor cruising in the waters would need for a productive and enjoyable voyage. There is lavish illustration and the use of colour throughout makes this a very attractive work. Anchorages and ports are covered in detail with map coordinates. There are notes on the history of ancient Greece and a wealth of detail covering shops, restaurants and places to visit. Given the relatively low price of this excellent book, and the probability that the publisher will be reprinting regularly, many readers may buy a copy now and then purchase a revised copy for later cruises, but the publisher offers a free update service.

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