Illustrated Seamanship


An excellent primer or introduction to seamanship for the total novice, a handy book for those developing their skills, and an essential reminder for those becoming rusty after a long winter lay-up. The author has grouped together each of the elements of essential seamanship. The publisher has printed in full colour a lavishly illustrated work. The first section is ropework that is an essential skill but one which can be confusing initially. This is more than a section on tying knots that includes the types and use of rope and the equipment, cleats and winches, with which it is used. Boat handling covers the essential skills of leaving and arriving at moorings, manoeuvring and the use of the controls including the functioning of propeller and rudder. Boat handling also covers the important factors introduced by tidal ranges. Anchoring deals with the types and benefits of anchors, how to secure them to the boat by rope and chain, how to drop them and how to raise them again.

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