Germany at War, Allied Bombers Over The Reich


The ethics and results of mass bombing will be debated into the future, but this DVD shows it being carried out. A powerful and absorbing DVD.



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NAME: Germany at War, Allied Bombers Over The Reich
FILE: K0132
DATE: 021211
PUBLISHER: Pen & Sword Digital, Militaria
FORMAT: Dual layer
RUNTIME: 55 minutes
PLAYERS: Personal Computer, Mac Computer, DVD Player
INTERNET: Optional
PRICE: GB £15.99
GENRE: Non-Fiction
SUBJECT: Aerial bombardment, WWII, 1939-1945, Allied bombers, carpet bombing, Lancaster, Wellington, B-17, B-24, escort fighters, night fighters, radar
ISBN: 4-260110-580694
DESCRIPTION: As with other DVDs in the series, there is some very interesting film of aerial bombardment. It is also interesting to compare the perception of the 1939-45 air war in German and Allied eyes. The German film shown here suggests that peaceful Germany was the victim of war crimes and only responded to Allied atrocities after great provocation. The Allied view is the complete opposite. The reality sits somewhere between. Initially neither side made much use of bombing except at sea. The British concentrated on dropping leaflets and it was not until the German drive to the Channel that aerial bombing was used to any great extent. French and British aircraft bombed bridges as their ground forces retreated, in an attempt to slow the German advance. The German dive bombers were used in some numbers to attack refugees in an attempt to block the escape route of Allied troops. German bombers also attacked Dutch cities. With the British Expeditionary Force withdrawn via Dunkirk, the German bombers began attacking coastal convoys before switching to attacking RAF fighter bases and radar stations. Then German aircraft got lost and dropped their bombs on London. Churchill responded rapidly by ordering the RAF to bomb Berlin. These early raids did little damage except to the German ego. German bombers then began a concentrate bombardment of London and other German cities, developing on into terror raids targeted on historic British towns. In the early stages, German navigation systems and bomb sights were better than those of RAF aircraft, but neither side was equipped to fight a carefully targeted bombing campaign designed to reduce collateral damage to civilians. As British bomber aircraft increased in number and capability, they began to mount heavy raids almost every day on German targets. The Germans had concentrated on medium bombers to support lightning war, the British had developed heavy bombers capable of carrying up to ten tons of bombs. Flying at night because of a lack of long range escorts, British bombers carpet bombed German towns. When the US entered the war and sent over large numbers of heavy bombers and long range fighter escorts, it became possible to bomb continuously by day and night. This enabled a large town to be targeted with sufficient generation of heat that a fire storm developed and caused extensive damage and loss of life. The ethics and results of mass bombing will be debated into the future, but this DVD shows it being carried out. A powerful and absorbing DVD.

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