Flights into History


A workmanlike book on a period of recent history that is fading as those who lived through it die out. The author is an enthusiast and brings that enthusiasm to his writing. He has taken the story of a number of aircraft and their crews who failed to survive their missions. These snapshots have been achieved through research and archaeology. Eastern England was the base for the combined air assault on Germany by British and American bombers, home to fighters setting out on sweeps across occupied Europe, fighter escorts for the twenty four hour bomber formations and high speed interdictors and night fighters. Even to the closing stages of the war German aircraft continued to raid into England. As a result, East Anglia is rich in the remains of this history with a multitude of museums and monuments to the air war. Many of the exhibits now on display have been dug out of the clay and sand or brought up from the seabed off the coasts of Eastern England and from across the North Sea off Holland and Belgium. Losses by all combatants in this hard fought war were terrifying.

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