eBay Manual


The author has provided a well-written guide to Internet trading via the eBay system. When the Internet was created more than thirty years ago, it was funded by the US Department of Defense and combined two objectives. One objective was to provide a companion network to milnet and darpanet that did not require the same security criteria to be met, providing a means for a growing community of scientists and researchers in academia to communicate with those who worked in the aerospace and defence communities. A second objective was to provide a network that might survive nuclear war. The result was an electronic environment that had few rules and where the normal rigid addressing methods of early professional networks were largely avoided. Much of that original architecture still exists under the layers of new functionality that have been added during more than three decades and phenomenal electronic development. The funding of international cables by DOD for largely military purpose changed the Internet from a close community that was heavily North American into a global environment that breaks new ground with great frequency. From the early 1990s, the Internet has become more strongly commercial and on-line trading has become a reality that is not without some significant risks. When eBay became available, it made electronic trading something that anyone with a computer and Internet connection could do.






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