Development Enhancements


The FIRE Project book review programme began very early in the project which started in 1995. In April 2000 the Broadly Boats pilot portal opened to public access and the book reviews database was both updated and linked through the Broadly Boats portal. The reviews database has grown steadily in size and expanded in the range of book topics reviewed.

During the next few weeks a series of system upgrades will be completed.

This book review portal is undergoing change which began late last year. This will first result in the appearance of a large number of reviews that have been completed during the last two months and, instead of just showing a synopsis of each review, there will be a synopsis of the review with more information being available within the portal by clicking the ‘more…’ button.

The intelligent database has been undergoing a technical upgrade and will again show all entries via the Broadly Boats portal. It will also become accessible via all other FIRE Project portals and feature an expanded range of book topics.

As book distribution systems are changing, readers will find that a number of our reviews will include links direct to the publisher, or to a distributor, for the on-line purchase of a book. This will in no way change the independent nature of our book reviews, but it will provide a contribution to the costs of developing and expanding the FIRE Project.

FIRE Project Development Team

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