Conway’s The War At Sea in Photographs 1939-1945


As the title proclaims, this is a photo essay covering the spread of the Second World War. It is a large format book, that is well produced on good quality paper that shows off the evocative images of global war to the full. The choice of illustration is good and the images are representative of an extraordinary period in history when the photographer was given access to the front line and the traditional bandw image was accompanied by full colour photography which is still vibrant today. Many of the images appear in a book for the first time and there is good captioning throughout the book. Text is concise but more than adequate to support the impressive photographic collection. Of particular importance, the book includes many Soviet photographs which have never been available outside Russia before. For a quality photo essay the book is aggressively priced bringing it into reach of a wide readership and no serious WWII library will be without a copy.#

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