Visiting the Fallen, Arras Memorials


The publisher has built a fine collection of guides to battlefields and memorials in western Europe. This new book fits into this collection well and provides an in-depth coverage of the four major memorials in and around Arras. This comprehensive coverage includes coverage of the gallantry awards and citations. Excellent guide.

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From St Vith to Victory, 218 (GoldCoast) Squadron and the Campaign Against Nazi Germany


This book is based on detailed research and includes many monochrome images. It will appeal strongly to anyone with a connection to 218 (Gold Coast) Squadron but it is also an important part of the wider history of Bomber Command through WWII. Strong appendices greatly compliment the story. Recommended.

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British Campaigns in the South Atlantic, 1805-1807


For most historians, Royal Navy activity effectively stopped after the Battle of Trafalgar and the death of Nelson. This has also been true of historical novels, the story then restarting in the run-up to WWI and on into WWII. This new book lifts the covers on two very important Royal Navy campaigns that were part of the dash to Empire that followed the effective neutralization of the navies of France and Spain in 1805. Strongly recommended

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With Wellington’s Outposts, The Peninsular and Waterloo, Letters of John Vandelear


The Vandelear family has produced a number of generations of soldiers and this book is a sensitively edited collection of letters written by one member of the family who served in both the Peninsular campaigns and at Waterloo. He also served as an aid to his relative Major General John Ormsby Vandelear. A valuable new view of the campaigns and battlers of Wellington from a junior officer.

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Waterloo, Myth and Reality


This is a book is a major reassessment of the Battle of Waterloo, using first-hand accounts not published before, to address the many myths and provide reality. There is much fine illustration in the form of maps and colour plate sections. An enjoyable and informative review of the battle that shaped Europe for the next two centuries.

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Australia’s Few, and the Battle of Britain


This is a book that had to be written. Those brave Australian volunteers who had joined the RAF in time to fight the Battle of Britain with The Few may have been even fewer, but their impact was considerable, beyond their numbers, and they were the vanguard of all those squadrons of Australians who followed on and made their mark as fighter pilots and bomber pilots. Strongly Recommended.

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Churchill’s Anchor, the Biography of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Dudley Pound OM, GCB, GCVO


After all of the books about WWII, published over some 70 years, it is surprising that there are still important figures and events that have either not been covered, or have received brief mention. Sir Dudley Pound is one such figure. This book goes a long way to correcting the omission in respect of Sir Dudley, and also sheds fresh light on key events. It is an easy read and includes some good photo plates in support. Essential reading and strongly recommended.

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