Armoured Horseman, with the Bays and Eight Army in North Africa and Italy


An author of military history has to research with care, locate suitable illustrations and then write down what happened with equal care, drawing conclusions and providing new perspectives and insights. However, the first, and often most difficult step, is to decide on a person, or campaign, or battle to make the focus of what can become a fresh insight. This new book covers familiar ground, because there have been many books that tell the story of the major North African and Italian campaigns, but it brings forward a unique story that is fascinating, compelling and charming. This is a must read WWII account but it will also appeal for its horse racing connections and the very human story that it tells.

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Battle Lines, The Western Front by Car by Bike and on Foot, The Battles of French Flanders, Neuve Chapelle, Aubers Ridge, Festubert, Loos and Fromelles


The publisher has been building an unrivalled series of battlefield guides, written by a selection of authors who are authorities in their specific field. As with other titles in the range, the text is crisp and supported by many ‘then’ and ‘now’ photographs. What makes these guides particularly useful is that they cater for all the forms of access and provide much detail on the conditions to be experienced, in addition to the basic navigational advice. One interesting aspect is that many buying the guides do not actually make it to the fields, but use the guide as part of a framework of books to illuminate the history of WWI. Of those readers who do make the pilgrimage to France and Belgium, the guides perform two important functions, firstly in preparing for the visit, and secondly as a pocket book to be carried around the battlefields. Much recommended.

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