An Extraordinary Italian Imprisonment, The Brutal Truth of Campo 21 1942-1943


Very little has been written about Italian PoW camps, against a mountain of books about camps in Germany and German Occupied Europe. As British and Italian forces had clashed in North Africa and Ethiopia, there were many British and Commonwealth servicemen who had been taken prisoner by the Italians and sent to camps in Italy. The Italian Armistice in September 1943 brought to an end the captivity of Allied PoWs in Italian camps, save for those who were in German-held Italy and who were then moved to PoW camps in Germany or German Occupied territory. This lack of coverage is unfortunate because not only were Allied PoWs in Italy involved in escapes and resistance, they were often subjected to a brutal regime that was harsher than even the most ruthless German camps. The author has provided an immaculately researched study of a camp in which his father had been imprisoned. The unique insights into the subject and the rare photographs in illustration provide a valuable expose of Italian treatment of PoWs. This is a book that should be widely read by all who have an interest in the subject of WWII and the realities of Fascism.

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Hitler’s Paratrooper, The Life and Battles of Rudolf Witzig


This book is a gripping biography, providing a tough, gritty and compelling study of a German soldier. It is all the stronger because it spans the war in Europe and North Africa, and unusual because it also covers the rebirth of the German army. It will of course appeal to all those who have interest in airborne forces, but it will satisfy a far wider readership because of the way it portrays the growth of Nazi Germany the early victories and then the long hard defence resulting in defeat, war crimes trials and then the rebirth of the German military machine.

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Spirit of Resistance, The Life of SOE Agent Harry Peuleve DSO MC


The full story of the SOE may never be told. There was a destruction of documents in the final days of war and some SOE agents were transferred to other intelligence organizations, whilst others were simply thrown out to make their own way in post-war Britain. This new book is based heavily on the unpublished memoirs of the subject and two years of painstaking research across Europe by the author. The result is a story that reads well and draws the reader into the world of SOE and survival in Occupied Europe. The story is remarkable, gripping, emotional, sad, inspiring with a tale that a fictional writer might kill for. This is so much more than a wartime history. It is the story of the triumph of the spirit with the depths and highs of a group of very brave individuals. There is a photo section of very rare photographs and an excellent set of Appendices to support the main text. Not a story to miss.

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Orde Wingate, Unconventional Warrior, from the 1920s to the Twenty-First Century


Orde Wingate came from a family with strong military and diplomatic traditions, Wingate Pasha was one example of a soldier/diplomat who worked hard for the Sudan and then Egypt from the viewpoint of the locals rather than as a ruler. It may not therefore be surprising that Orde Wingate was to be a controversial soldier. He was to have a great impact on the Burma Campaigns and many claim him as the father of the modern Special Forces units. The author has researched official and private papers to give new insights into his subject and to debunk the many myths and inaccuracies that have surrounded Wingate. Inevitably some will object to his presentation, but it is well presented and convincing. Wingate shares much with the controversies surrounding Lawrence of Arabia during WWI. Both men achieved successes at a time when they were needed, they also experienced some failures and they were fighting in conditions that were unfamiliar to many senior officers. A great story, well-told.

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War on the Eastern Front, The German Soldier in Russia, 1941-1945


The author fought in the British infantry during WWII. After the war he developed a strong reputation as a historian with an outstanding knowledge of German military conduct, assisted by the close contacts he developed with German ex-servicemen. This book is an important contribution to the available knowledge of the viscous war fought on the Eastern Front. There is a very good photo section that includes rare images of life and war on the Eastern Front. Highly recommended.

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Belgium in the Second World War


The author is a retired Belgian professional diplomat who has made a first rate attempt to correct the neglect by historians of Belgium during WWII. He has written with clarity, passion, pride and authority, to paint a comprehensive picture of the part Belgium played during WWII. It is to be hoped that this work will be widely read because Belgium deserves to be accurately and comprehensively recognized. The text is well-supported by a very interesting photo plate section, containing some rare images. An enjoyable and informing study.

In this much overdue correction of the neglect of the Belgian story, the author has provided an honest account of Belgium’s very varied experiences through five years of conflict, occupation, and oppression to liberation. A well-told story. Highly Recommended

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Soviet Conquest, Berlin 1945


This is the first publication of memoirs long banned in the Soviet Union, providing a varied and graphic view of the viscous fighting for the German capital. It provides a fresh insight into the workings of the Soviet high command, the tensions between generals and the political influences exerted by Stalin and his embedded Commissars. This book provides surprises and fills in one of the great gaps in English-language histories of WWII. Essential reading for all those who seek to expand their knowledge of WWII and its impact beyond the end of war in 1945.

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The Disastrous Fall and Triumphant Rise Of The Fleet Air Arm From 1912 To 1945


“Sea Eagles Led By Penguins” may be unkind to penguins and also unfair to all those senior naval officers who fought hard to develop British naval aviation in the teeth of venial politicians and the envy of other services. By any measure, British sailors achieved amazing progress in the development of naval aviation and in influencing the wider aviation industry. Many of the first and the key technology developments were the product of serving officers. This book should be widely read because it lays out the inspiring story of how the British naval aviators have bounced back each time they have been let down by the politicians and how they have rallied in the face of significant odds in time of war, performing far beyond any reasonable expectations. Enjoy this well written story and learn from the lessons it sets out. The author is a born story teller and his engaging text is reinforced by two excellent photo plate sections.

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A Woman Living In The Shadow Of The Second World War, Helena Hall’s Journal From The Home Front


A vivid account of war on the Home Front and the life of an English village from 1940 to 1943. This is story that has been dwarfed by tales of courage and determination in battle. It is a story shared by millions for whom the war was a step removed from their lives, and yet as dominating as it was for those in uniform who fought at home or in a distant field. These previously unpublished diaries of an English woman surviving the war at home provides a fascinating insight into society and life. An absorbing story that has been lightly edited to retain all of the colour of Helena Hall’s diaries and supported by a lively photo plate section that includes cartoons and images from the time.

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