Commando Despatch Rider, from D-Day to Deutschland, 1944-1945


The author was one of many combatants who ignored the orders prohibiting diaries and we must be grateful that he did. From this illegal personal record, he has drawn a book which captures the highs and lows of a soldier taking part in the most momentous amphibious assault in history, and the long slog from the beaches to Berlin. This is a delightful account of life in battle and between battles. It is by turns gripping, exciting, colourful, authentic and human.

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RHNS Averof, Thunder in the Aegean


The story of the Averof must be one of the least known from naval warfare during the Twentieth Century, if not the least known. This warship was from a class that was dominant in naval forces from the late 19th Century, until WWI. A few were modernized after WWI but most navies tried to replace the class as rapidly as possible. To the Greek Navy, the Averof was a capital ship, the largest in their fleet. Built in Livorno in 1910, she was soon in battle against the Turks, before the outbreak of WWI. She then served on with modifications, through WWII, to be laid up in 1945. Then against all odds, she was resurrected in 1984 to become a floating museum.

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The Battle of the Atlantic


Captain Macintyre was a distinguished participant on one of the most critical battles of WWII. This book can be regarded as a primary source and the author pulls no punches. The scale of the battle as it raged for much of WWII is unlikely to ever be adequately covered by a single book. This book demands a place in any library of the subject and provides an unparalleled account of the U-boat tactics and the way in which the Allies evolved their convoy tactics and then set up hunter-killer groups to take the war to the submarines.

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Major & Mrs Holt’s Definitive Battlefield Guide, D-Day Normandy Landing Beaches, Updatd Seventh Edition with GPS Locations


The reputation justly built for the authors’ battlefield guides is such that anyone who has read any guide will immediately know that this is THE guide to buy for this particular battlefield. That this guide is now in its seventh edition speaks volumes for its accuracy and value. With each edition, the authors have further enhanced what was already a leading work in its field as a first edition. Some readers will already own several earlier editions, perhaps all of them. That again speaks volumes for the guide.

This is a guide that should be part of any enthusiasts library, an essential companion to family records and mementos, and an essential companion to any visit to the battlefield.

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Book Review – Pasha



It really doesn’t seem like this is the fifteenth story in the Kydd and Renzi series. For readers who have been greatly entertained by any, or all, of the previous fourteen stories, there is little a reviewer can say, other than to confirm that this is a worthy addition to the series and will provide as much pleasure and information as any of the preceding books. For those who have yet to read one of these stories, there is much to say without spoiling the many surprises in store for them in this gripping yarn.

Those Measureless Fields


This is a sensitively written love story set against the air war over the Western Front. This is a haunting story with a very surprising twist at the end. The descriptions of the air war and the society of the time are beautifully drawn by the author. Without spoiling the plot lines, with their twists and turns, this is a book that will appeal to a wide readership and rewards the reader’s time.

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Churchill and the Admirals


This is an insider’s account of the critical relationships between Churchill and his naval commanders. It is a unique and very valuable insight into the command of British naval forces through WWII. This is one of those books that no naval enthusiast can afford to be without and it also provides very valuable insight into politics and the way in which the political and military arms of the State can work together to achieve the political goals.

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Spitfire, The Inside Story


This is a pocket-size book that contains a large number of quality photographs, with concise text, that provides an outstanding review of the iconic Spitfire monoplane fighter. The Spitfire is probably the most famous and most successful fighter ever to have flown. From near extinction, it bounced back with the Battle of Britain film when the film company scoured the world for flying and static British and German aircraft. The German aircraft used were licensed built versions of the Me109 and He111 that served in the Spanish air force, powered by RR Merlin engines. The Spitfires and Hurricanes were the genuine articles, collected from enthusiasts and museums around the world. This started an enthusiasm to return remaining examples to flying condition and the Spitfire is highly sought in any condition. Each year sees more Spitfires returning to the skies.

The subject of this book is an internationally recognized icon that holds an appeal beyond the aircraft enthusiast. This in much the same category as the steam engine, which has somehow become of interest to people who do not necessarily have any major interest in transport or technology generally. The Spitfire is always the star of the show when it flies in displays.

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Lancaster, The Inside Story


This is a pocket-size book that contains a large number of quality photographs, with concise text, that provides an outstanding review of the iconic Lancaster heavy bomber. There is also coverage of the less successful Manchester twin engine bomber that received four Merlin engines, to become arguably the most successful bomber in aviation history. Many enthusiasts will buy copies of this pocket book because it provides a compact, but comprehensive, review of the Lancaster with some great photographs. There is also coverage of the Lancastrian that was a rapid but successful civil conversion to restart civil aviation after WWII, and which took part in the Berlin Airlift that was the first battle of the Cold War.

Where this book is particularly valuable is that it is aggressively priced and affordable to young readers, or their fond relatives. It is all too easy for publishers to content themselves with eBooks as low cost reading material, but there is no substitute for a durable pocket sized book that can be carried around and and read in any spare moment. There is recent research to suggest a renewed interest amongst the young to read printed books, rather than to use an eBook reader or a personal computer. There is also research to suggest that printed books help to develop readership skills and subject involvement in a way that electronic systems do not.

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