Warship 2005


It is difficult to make an original comment on this highly respected and popular annual on warships. Now under a new editor, John Jordan, the quality and format developed under the late Anthony Preston has been maintained. The mix of authoritative articles on historical subjects with a review of modern developments provides rare coverage of warships as a subject which continues to serve a strong readership. Anyone who has read Warship in past years is probably completely hooked on this annual treat. It will continue to form an essential component of any self-respecting library, public or private. Maritime professionals and enthusiasts will continue to look eagerly forward to each new edition and not be disappointed by the 2005 edition. Model engineers will look through the first class illustration for new subjects to model. In this edition, historical subjects include, British shell defects, post-war British destroyer design, French Treaty Cruisers, the Orel at Tsushima, pumping and drainage design, The Escorteurs Rapides, the last pre-Dreadnought battleships, and the Destroyer Split. This historical section is followed by the excellent review sections that include Navies in Review 2004. There is also a fitting obituary of Anthony Preston who died on Christmas Day 2004 after a long illness that had reduced his prolific output during the last two years. Anthony Preston built an amazing fund of knowledge of a subject that he had unbounded enthusiasm for.





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