Warship 2000 – 2001


This book has a good mix of in depth profiles including the RN’s final iron clads Nile and Trafalgar, the Russian battleship Retvizan, Swedish steam torpedo boats, and hospital ships of WWI hunted by German U Boats. In the annual review of the world’s navies the new French carrier Charles de Gaulle and the RN’s projected class of Type 45 destroyers are among the main stories. The warship notes take an interesting look back at the contents of the 1901 Brassey’s Naval Annual and a set of images showing the building of the US Navy’s Arleigh Burke class destroyers. The main theme of the warship galley is the US landings at Casablanca harbour on 8th November 1942 although the section ends with an interesting shot of the scuttling of the “wooden wall” implacable in 1949.





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