The Sword and the Grail


The foundations of what was to become a major religion known as Christianity are shrouded in myth and conflicting documents. The publication of the Gospel according to Judas and the fictional works that are based on the suppressed documents held by the Roman Church have all combined to introduce fresh controversy and conspiracy theory. Sinclair adds yet another dimension. It is unlikely that anyone will ever be able to prove conclusively any version of the story of Jesus and therefore there will always be a multitude of beliefs based on particular versions of what is a semi-historical story. This extends beyond Christianity because other religions shared some of the same roots and are affected by new views of the Christian story. Christianity and Islam developed to become competing religions from common roots and beliefs. What we do know is that the first accounts of the story of Jesus were written after his death. There is dispute about how long after but it is generally accepted that the first accounts were fifty years after his death and written originally in Aramaic. Subsequently they were translated into Greek, Latin and Egyptian, before being translated into modern European languages. As a result, there may be many errors of translation accounting for the differing versions. Several religions have suppressed ancient documents that do not support the version of events accepted by theologians. Any who disagree with established teaching are branded as heretic

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