The Sea Wolf


The author recounts in a very readable manner the story of Admiral Cochrane, Thomas Cochrane, Tenth Earl of Dundonald, Baron Cochrane of Dundonald, of Paisley, and of Ochiltree, Marquess of Maranham in the Empire of Brazil, G.C.B and Admiral of the Fleet was typical of the Lowland and Border Scots who served with distinction in the Royal Navy during the 18th and 19th Centuries. He proved to be one of those gifted commanders who took the fight to the French. Becoming a captain at the age of 24, dubbed by Napoleon ‘Le Loup de Mer’ for his inspired use of tactics, Admiral Cochrane also led a civilian life alongside his naval service, being charged with illegal share dealing and served as a Member of Parliament. His skill as a naval tactician and his contribution as a practical engineer and inventor merit a more prominent position in British history, but he also holds a place in the revolutionary history of the South Americas where he served with distinction, commanding the Chilean Navy, and later the navies of Peru and Brazil. In an action packed and controversial life he also found time to command the Greek Navy and develop a plan for the deployment of poison gas. This book will appeal to students of British and South American naval history, but is an entertaining read that should appeal to a wider audience

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