The Scottish Pioneers of Upper Canada, 1784-1855, Glengarry and Beyond


This is a book that demonstrates meticulous research and provides a history of settlement patterns in Canada by Scottish pioneers. It is an excellent work for genealogists, but will also appeal to the general reader. Roughly half the pages are given to an engaging narrative history and the remaining pages to a series of well-presented appendices and bibliography. There is a wealth of information, with the appendices and bibliography providing very detailed information of particular value to genealogists and historians. The narrative history succeeds in conveying flavour of the trials and triumphs of the pioneers. There are many illustrations through the text comprising maps and reproduced paintings. The illustrations add greatly to the work and bring the period and the endeavour to life. The author may have considered her work as being of special interest to Scots Canadians, but it will be of equal interests to homeland Scots and should appeal to a far wider readership in telling a story of the development of the nation of Canada and describing the way of life of the pioneers and their triumphs in overcoming obstacles presented to them by a great virgin territory

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