The Royal Navy Submarine Service


This is a Centennial History in association with the Royal Naval Submarine Museum. It makes an interesting comparison with another Centennial book, 100Years of Royal Navy Submarines . The unfortunate fact of anniversaries is that they prompt several publishers to produce titles in commemoration, or time releases to coincide with such events. This often means that readers will only buy one of several competing titles. As in this case, there are two books that are motivated by the Centennial of the RN Submarine Service. Inevitably, there is overlap between them but they are different and complimentary books. Antony Preston has given coverage to the people who manned the submarines and includes many photographs of them. He has taken a style of Class ‘boxes’ where each Class is provided with a full page box, containing essential information and a photograph of one vessel of that Class. These boxes are then spaced through what is in effect a diary of the RN Submarine Service, which also has some additional photographs scattered through it. A very professional and comprehensive coverage of the subject that has undoubtedly benefited from the association with the Royal Naval Submarine Museum

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