The Naked Soldier


Several countries continue to employ mercenaries. Of these, the Ghurkhas of the British Army and the French Foreign Legion are perhaps the most famous. Down the years, military formations of this type generate myth, legend and romance which is far from the reality of life in their ranks. The French Foreign Legion produces at least one book for each generation. The Naked Soldier is a gritty account of five years in the life of a British volunteer that pulls no punches. The author has painted a picture that is human, honest, violent and at times shocking. In a light narrative style that is eminently readable, the author also paints a picture of himself and his motivations. He could be any one of many thousands of young men who grow up in uncertainty and develop a restless spirit, frequently migrating to a military career in one of the special forces that governments use in the most difficult conditions. After serving the minimum five year term in the Foreign Legion, gaining his parachute wings and becoming an NCO, Sloane moved to the British Parachute Regiment, then into the 22 SAS before joining that growing army of security consultants employed by private companies and operating in post-invasion Iraq. It is to be hoped that the author will make the time to write accounts of his experiences after the Foreign Legion, in the same honest and involving style as his tale of French service

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