The Harrier Story


This is another book in the excellent Sutton ‘Story’ series. The type of book that Grandmothers and fond Aunts buy for children at birthdays and Christmas, books that are then cherished and kept. The package is a pocket-sized book with hard covers and illustration throughout, largely in full colour, at a very affordable price. Unlike many books that are deliberately aimed at a young readership, this book has not been dumbed down. The text is clear and concise, the research has been well done, there is copious illustration with high quality images and the result is a compact reference book that would fit into the library of the most knowledgeable and serious reader, but be equally at home in the pocket of a child developing an interest in aviation. There is a considerable amount of information crammed into the small packet but it does not look overcrowded or difficult to access because image captions and margin notes break up the material into very digestible sections. The Harrier in its various forms has been one of Britain’s most significant contributions to the development of aviation. The book briefly looks at the clumsy German and American attempts at building vertical take off aircraft and also at the supersonic naval version of the Harrier which was never built.

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