The Dynamics of Integrated Coastal Management


This is a very important book. Born in 1940 the author has devoted his life to the Seas of East Asia, gaining his doctorate at the University of Singapore and undertaking post-doctoral training at the University of Tokyo. His breadth of knowledge and commitment to his chosen subject have combined to make this an enjoyable and informative book. Aimed at the professionals engaged in coastal management, he has achieved a book that is readable for a very wide range of readers from the novice to the highly experienced professional. Professionals engaged in the management of the Seas of East Asia will find this an indispensable work of reference, with its many charts, tables and appendices. A wealth of experience and information is contained in the pages, delivered in clear and concise text. Great credit is due to the author for the intellectual work necessary to create such a work but credit should also go to those responsible for the layout, artwork and production

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