The Dam Busters Story


The author has established a reputation for authoritative works on the RAF Bomber Command during WWII. This has included both books on the Dam Buster Raid and the filming of the story. Reviews of these related books are contained in this review database. It is therefore no surprise that his latest work is carefully researched and accurate. In the history of the RAF there have been two iconic events, the Battle of Britain and the Dam Busters Raid, serving the reputation of Fighter Command and Bomber Command.

This new book is part of the “Story” series from Sutton and it provides amazingly good value for money. As with the other books in the series, it features a hardback binding and is printed on good quality paper in a size that will fit the pocket. It is available at a very low price and is an ideal book to give to the young to develop in them an interest in reading books and in the topics covered in this volume. That is in itself a major achievement by author, editorial team and publisher. There is concise and accurate text, packing information into a relatively small number of pages. The use of margin notes and well-written photo captions makes this a very effective reference work and a programmed learning text. As the author is a specialist in the subject, there is information that is equally useful to a more experienced reader and the format provides a fast reference to the highly experienced enthusiast. What really makes this book and the series outstanding is the lavish illustration. This book includes some accurate drawings of a weapon that has only recently ceased to be a secret weapon. There are a number of very good maps and sketches of the targets and the action of the weapon. There are also some very well selected photographs of the aircraft and crews involved in the raid, including a number of rare full colour photographs which have previously only been reproduced in books as bandw images. This is a must for birthday and Christmas presents for the younger reader, it is also a valuable addition to the most extensive enthusiast and professional libraries.

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