The Battle of Jutland 1916, softback edition

This is a revised edition of the original hardback from the same author. The Battle of Jutland has long been a controversial subject with both sides claiming victory. As with any battle, it is a collection of contradictory threads, mistakes, missed opportunity, luck, faulty equipment, great bravery, and much more. The 1914-18 War deeply marked Europe and was the natural consequence of a young union of German States wanting to expand its influence and dominance internationally. The British Empire stood in the path of those ambitions. The initiative was with the aggressor as it usually is. Great Britain was its Royal Navy and victory required the denial to the enemy of the field. In that respect, Jutland was a victory for the Royal Navy because the enemy was forced back to port never to venture forth again. German naval tactics had to change and that meant the submarine became their main weapon, eventually forcing the United States into the War on Britain’s side, contributing men and resources to the land battle at the point where it tipped the balance of war against Germany. Jutland can therefore be regarded as both a tactical and strategic victory for the Royal Navy, but a victory that was not without cost. The battle exposed a series of shortcomings, particularly in training and command

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