The Battle of Crecy, A Campaign in Context


The Battle of Crecy sits at one of history’s turning points. Prior to 1346 the armoured knight was master of the battlefield. France was recognized to have the most modern and strongest army in Europe. England was a prosperous if militarily backward country, sitting somewhere in the mist off the coast of Europe. Perceptions and power moved following the Battle of Crecy. Six hours of bloody battle humbled the French Army before what it had considered an inferior English force. The French armoured knights were decimated and driven from the field, the French King wounded and a fugitive. The Welsh longbowmen of the English army have received much of the credit for victory, but that places the battle out of context. This is an engaging book that places the reader in the events and society of the time. The text is supported by good illustrations through the body of text. This includes sketches, maps and photographs. There is a bandw plate section, which has become traditional in this type of history.

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