The Adventures of Tintin At Sea


Translated by Michael Farr and released as the official book for a special exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the comic strip reporter’s first adventure. The exhibition was timed to start on 31st March 2004 in association with the Foundation Herge. The book will be a welcome title in the English language for the many Tintin fans around the world. It traces the evolution of the maritime stories involving the character Tintin and provides some interesting comparisons between photographs and the cartoons derived and adapted from them. Herge, Tintin’s creator, drew on the stories of the day and has preoccupation with accuracy and the satirical nature of the comic strips made them very popular at the time of their publication. A Tintin cult developed and has survived the death of Herge. Some of the current fascination of the stories is their time capsule nature

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