The Admiral’s daughter


The author has developed a series of books around two principle characters, Kydd and Renzi, using an original basic theme of two men who come from different social backgrounds but meet as seamen in the harsh life of Nelson’s Navy. Renzi comes from a background of wealth but volunteers to be a seaman for unusual personal reasons. Kydd is from a poor background and is press ganged. Against the odds, they both become officers on merit. Over seven novels, Stockwin has developed the characters and their stories through a series of highs and lows as they struggle forward. With each book we have seen a little more of the two characters and been introduced to a wealth of new characters in tales that combine joy and sorrow, success and failure. Each year the author has travelled to a different location to research for the next book in the series. Thus far we have seen Kydd travel around the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, North America and the South Seas. Each tale has the feel of being contemporary with the period in which it has been set and authentic in its location. Each book has entertained and educated. Now we have reached book number eight and it fully lives up to the readers’ expectations developed by the previous stories. This time, Kydd has returned to England, seas with which he is not familiar.

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