Skipper’s practical handbook


This book is part of the fernhurst Practical Handbook series, following that established format with good illustration and the use of colour throughout. It is essential reading for anyone working towards Day Skipper qualifications, but it is also important for those intending to crew a boat, who in a small boat may have to take over as skipper. The book begins with the Safety Checklist and the Skippering Style. It then works through all of the typical manoeuvres under power and under sail, concluding with a very effective digest of navigation and passage planning. As a single volume, the book provides an excellent primer to those starting out as seamen and aspiring to become skippers, however, it assumes that the theoretical skills have been acquired and that these skills are now being turned into practical experience. It also makes the assumption that the crew is competent and recognizes that there are often several ways of achieving the required objective. The author has put across his experience as an instructor, offering approaches that he knows work and which can be replicated. Since fernhurst has been acquired by John Wiley and Sons Limited, the new management has continued all of the popular practical maritime guides and reference books in the established and accepted fernhurst series groups. Wiley is also celebrating its bicentennial in 2007, adding the ferhurst imprint to a very successful family of practical, educational and business publications.

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