More exciting ups and downs than a white knuckle Roller Coaster ride. – Another cracking instalment in the Kydd and Renzi Saga from international best selling author Julian Stockwin – Most Highly Recommended.

NAME: Persephone
FILE: R2541
AUTHOR: Julian Stockwin
PUBLISHER: Hodder & Stoughton
BINDING: hard back 
PAGES:  398
PRICE: £18.99
GENRE: Fiction
SUBJECT: Denmark, Iceland, France, Royal Navy, Nore, Tyger, frigate, 
Napoleonic Wars, London, Society, Sir Thomas Kydd, Renzi, Copenhagen, 
Persephone Lockwood

ISBN: 978-1-473-64090-0

IMAGE: B2541.jpg6
DESCRIPTION: More exciting ups and downs than a white knuckle Roller 
Coaster ride.   - Another cracking instalment in the Kydd and Renzi 
Saga from international best selling author Julian Stockwin – 
Most Highly Recommended.

This is an occasion of doubles. This exciting new story features the 
character Persephone Lockwood in the second book to be titled for 
her, her first outing being as “The Admiral's Daughter”. This 
publication also marks a change of pace with Julian Stockwin writing 
two books for release on 2017, the second instalment in the saga to 
be published later this year.

Persephone” is the 18th instalment in the Kydd and Renzi Saga and it 
is as fresh and enchanting as the first instalment “Kydd” all those 
years ago. As the saga has unfolded with each new book, it has exposed 
new layers to each of the characters. Over the years they have 
deepened and grown, as has the readership. This reviewer has reviewed 
each of the books and grown to look forward to the next story as 
keenly as any fan. From this experience, the reviewer would urge any 
new reader to enjoy this book, but then go out and buy all the 
previous books in the series. Each new story can stand on its own, 
but the reading of the complete series adds to the enjoyment and 
understanding as it brings the characters into three dimensions in a 
way that a single book cannot manage.

The challenge for a reviewer is to say enough about the new book that 
the review fairly reveals the quality of the author's work, but 
without spoiling the readers' enjoyment in discovering how the twists 
and turns, the range of emotions and the suspense and excitement all 
come together to make a cracking good yarn.

All established readers of the stories will find many characters that 
they have come to enjoy from earlier books. There are new characters, 
heroes and villains, but above all there are interesting pieces of 
information that are important elements of history that have somehow 
escaped most historians. The author displays his knowledge and love 
of the sea and ships and a great attention to research and detail 
that is crafted into the tale as natural components. The book is 
written to entertain, but also it educates with some fascinating 
information and insights.

In fairness to the other great writers of Napoleonic War naval 
fiction, writing past Trafalgar is a major challenge because it was 
such an iconic part of British history and integral to the myth and 
legend of its great hero Nelson. It is not only writers of fiction 
who have faced this challenge and been defeated, but also the body 
of historians. This is a great shame because naval warfare did not 
end at Trafalgar. True, the British Fleet had comprehensively 
vanquished the combined fleets of France and Spain. Those navies, 
individually or in concert would never be able to again confront 
the Royal Navy. It was not just an outstanding naval victory for 
the British, but it reinforced the naval superiority established 
in the Seven Years War a half century earlier when the Royal Navy 
dominated the waves. For historians, not much happened at sea after 
Trafalgar until the arms race between Britain and Germany at the 
start of the Twentieth Century, an apparent century of peace bought 
by Nelson and his Band of Brothers. The reality was very different. 
The Dash For Empire was only possible because the Royal Navy had won 
naval superiority and maintained it. There were also many more 
important naval events before the final defeat of Napoleon at 
Waterloo. Stockwin has done a great service by meeting and winning 
the challenge of Trafalgar and continuing the story of Kydd and his 
great friend Renzi beyond 1805. 

In “Tyger”, he wove in the story of the heroic fight of 
Generalleutnant Graf von Hohenlau and his Prussian Division against 
French Divisions commanded in the field personally by Napoleon. The 
Prussian's Russian allies broke and ran, allowing the French to 
encircle the Prussians. That did not deter  von Hohenlau who broke 
through the encirclement and fought his way to the Baltic coast. He 
then sent a messenger to the Royal Navy escort commander with the 
annual British Baltic trading convoy and asked for help in evacuating 
his troops off the beaches. Britain and Prussia were not allies but 
the British commander agreed to help and all but a small gallant 
rearguard protecting the evacuation were lifted off the beaches and 
carried the Prussians to their temporary capital. Although Prussia was 
then defeated by the French, the Prussians rose at the first 
opportunity and allied themselves to Britain. That might never have 
happened had not von Hohenlau been helped by the Royal Navy. It meant 
that their Prussian allies rode to the aid of the British at a 
critical point in the Battle of Waterloo, playing a decisive part in 
the ultimate 
defeat of Napoleon.

In this new tale, Stockwin has provided so much in one book. He has 
provided an absorbing view of Society and politics in Britain at the 
time and he has taken the story of what happened after the British 
attack on neutral Denmark with the changes in Iceland's fortunes all 
of that being part of the background canvas to the drama of Kydd's 
pursuit of Persephone Lockwood. Those who have read “The Admiral's 
Daughter” will remember that the earlier pursuit of Persephone did 
not go well for Kydd romantically, although his efforts to claw back 
from disaster did in fact help his naval career forward. Did this 
second pursuit succeed? Well you will only know by rushing out and 
buying this fantastic new tale. It will be a very enjoyable