In Action With Destroyers, 1939-1945, The Wartime Memoirs of Commander J A J Dennis DSC RN

A unique story that has been brought to a wider readership by the efforts of its editor. The destroyer was the backbone of naval operations in the role taken by the frigate in Nelson’s time. A fast paced story that grips the reader – Highly Recommended.

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Bomb Disposal in World War Two

The publisher has established a reputation for correcting the neglect of important military history and this book is another fine example. The unsung story of WWII was the battle between bomb disposal units and German armourers. It required a special type of courage and a special type of man – Much Recommended.

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SAS Zero Hour, The Secret Origins of the Special Air Service

Based on primary sources, this is an outstanding account of the early days of the SAS. Today, the SAS is a premier special forces group, known around the world and the example of professional dedicated service to the highest standards – Much Recommended.

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U-boat Assault On America, Why The US Was Unprepared For War In The Atlantic

1942 the Germans thought it was ‘happy hour’ as the US newly entered into WWII seemed powerless to protect its merchant shipping from German submarines. This new book looks at the US failure to protect its merchant ships during the first months after joining Britain in the war against the Nazi – Very Highly Recommended.

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Bayly’s War, The Battle for the Western Approaches in the First World War


The WWII Battle of the Atlantic has received much more coverage than the WWI Battle of the Atlantic. This new book gives a comprehensive coverage to the subject of the WWI anti-submarine warfare with fresh insight – Strongly Recommended. Continue reading

Images of War, Hitler’s Sky Warriors, German Paratroopers in Action 1939-1945, Rare Photographs From Wartime Archives

A new book in the popular Images of War series, taking a look at German airborne forces. This new book provides a comprehensive look at German airborne forces in their glory days as paratroopers and glider troops to their use as elite light infantry serving on the ground – Much Recommended.

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