Wellington and the British Army’s Indian Campaigns, 1798-1805

This compelling study illuminates a part of Arthur Wellesley’s military career that has been largely neglected by historians. The author has provided an absorbing account of Wellesley/Lord Wellington which shows how his actions in India had a significant effect on the development of the British Empire and events through to the modern era. Highly Recommended Continue reading

Eagles Over The Sea 1943-45. A History of Luftwaffe Maritime Operations

In this Volume Two, the author continues his excellent review of the Luftwaffe, picking up in 1943 and continuing to the end in 1945. The author has provided an astute review not only of operations, but the development of technology and tactics and the human story which was often the Luftwaffe’s greatest weakness. Most Highly Recommended Continue reading

Airport Spotting Guide, Airport Hotels, 2nd Edition, A Guide to the World’s Best Airport Hotels for Aviation Enthusiasts

One of a set of aircraft spotting books, this 2nd edition provides a crisp presentation of more than 270 suitable hotels in more than 50 countries. A pocketable guide book that can be comfortably carried, with a clear and logical layout to quickly find the information required. Very Highly Recommended Continue reading