New Publication – Empires Nations and Wars


A collection of major articles and lectures of Sir Michael Howard are brought together into a master class for the historical transition from the Eighteenth Century into the Twenty First Century. This is a fascinating and elegant insight by one of Britain’s finest historians. It outlines the evolution of empires, the nationalist pressures in Europe and the sequence of German wars that shaped the second half of the Twentieth Century and created the relative stability of the armed neutrality that was established on the 1940s. The collection of papers covers events but it more importantly attempts to place them in perspective as a developing story and as a period of transition. There is balance between event, structure, ideology, politics, race, social change, and literature. As each paper supports itself, the reader is not forced to follow the framework established by the book. Each paper could be read together with other work at a pace to suit to the reader. For those who prefer to start at the beginning and work through to the end, the papers assemble seamlessly and give every appearance of having been produced as a review of international relations through a span of two hundred years, with the major concentration on the period from the late Nineteenth Century to 1918.

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