Ian Fleming & SOE’s Operation Postmaster, The Untold Top Secret Story

More the 75 yrs on and WWII records are still being declassified. The background to Ian Fleming and James Bond has always been a mystery but Op Postmaster provides fresh insights into this covert operation and into the inspiration for James Bond. – Very Highly Recommended.








The wartime history of Bond author Fleming has always been confusing. Fleming 
himself was happy to assist in this confusion, often encouraging readers to think his 
books autobiographical. He was one of a group of individuals who migrated into the 
private armies and intelligence organizations set up under Churchill's direction to take 
the war to the Germans. Within his own part of the environment, Fleming was not 
universally liked, or trusted. Many thought him a spoilt playboy more interested in 
chasing women and gambling at cards. However, he did a serious job and did it well. 
He was a fixer and facilitator, more 'Q' than Bond.

The author has made a fine job of bringing to light the events of Op Postmaster. It was 
not a unique operation. It had similarities to the Calcutta Light Horse attack on 
German ships in port in neutral Goa, another private army covert operation that was 
built around a group of ageing reservists whose organization had more to do with 
drinking, eating, and playing polo in India but who proved to be real warhorses 
denying critical supplies and information to German U-Boats.

Op Postmaster involved a 'cutting out' operation on three German ships sheltering in 
the Spanish port of Santa Isobel on the island of Fernando Po. This is a thrilling story 
that may one day make a great film.