Fighting for the Fatherland


This is a well researched book written by a former infantryman. The author justifies his approach of beginning with the development of the Prussian military machine on which later German Arms are firmly based and which has strongly influenced them. He provides a very readable account, supported by maps and photographic plates in bandw and full colour. He demonstrates how the Prussian militarism created the basis for the unification of German from a mass of independent states to create the young Empire that brought Europe to a terrible global conflict in 1914. He explains very clearly how the military machine was built, equipped and motivated, and how it was deployed, almost achieving a lighting victory, only to sink back into the morass of trench warfare. He shows how the Defeat in 1918 led to the rise of National Socialism and the recreation of a formidable military machine that attempted to reprise the lighting war of 1914 with greater success but still without achieving the total victory over the British Empire that was essential to European control. The author continues his story through the second great defeat, the dismemberment of Germany, the rebirth of the military organizations on each side of the new border, and the eventual reunification of Germany.

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