DVD Review – Hitler’s War Machine, The War in Italy, 1944-1945


This primary source film was shot by German combat cameramen. During the filming, many were killed or injured.






NAME: Hitler’s War Machine, The War in Italy, 1944-1945
FILE: K0165
DATE: 140714
PRESENTER(S): original film
PUBLISHER: Pen & Sword Digital
FORMAT: Dual layer
RUNTIME: 60 minutes
PLAYERS: Linux Workstation, Personal Computer, Mac Computer, DVD Player
PRICE: £12.99
GENRE: Non-Fiction
SUBJECT: World War Two, WWII, Second World War, war in the air, Italy, primary sources, war film, propaganda film, German combat photographers
ISBN: 0-24762-095-5
BUYNOW: http://tinyurl.com/qakdkls
DESCRIPTION: Pen & Sword are a prolific publisher of fine military history books and are now rapidly expanding their range of electronic publications in the form of ebooks and DVDs. Their DVD range includes video produced mainly or entirely from wartime film and propaganda film from a number of production sources. These sources are arranged into groups and this DVD is from the World War II Primary Sources, meaning that it has not been updated or edited by a modern production company. As a result, some footage looks its age when included in a modern digital video compilation. The viewer is unlikely to be put off in any way because, where a small amount of footage shows signs of its age, the methods of processing, and the storage for more than seven decades, it adds to the atmosphere and authenticity of the DVD.

This primary source film was shot by German combat cameramen. During the filming, many were killed or injured.

Churchill described Italy as the “soft underbelly” of Europe, although there is much evidence to suggest that is not what he really thought. He was attempting to give the Russians a second front, without bringing forward the plans already well-advanced for D-Day and the landings in Normandy. The Germans put up a spirited defence and fighting retreat up the Italian mainland, after fighting hard to defend Sicily. The Allies were slow to fully exploit the Italian surrender and alliance, allowing the Germans time to move back units removed to Greece after the brilliant British deception operation. The Americans were also somewhat timid in breaking out from beach heads, preferring to build up the logistics reserves before advancing. However the Germans were beaten back towards the French and Austrian borders and the losses they suffered were more unaffordable than those suffered by the Allies.

This DVD collates German film that was produced for propaganda purposes. It has been collated edited and translated into English to provide a vivid record of the fight for Italy, including the rescue of Mussolini from his mountain prison by SS Special Forces. This is film footage that should not be missed.

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