Painting Wargaming Figures, Early Imperial Romans

The author has been an enthusiast war gamer for decades and also earned a living painting display quality military figures. This book follows the established series format, with detailed full colour photography through the book in support of the professional descriptive text. – Very Highly Recommended.

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Images of War, The Vought F4U Corsair, Rare Photographs From Wartime Archives

The Images of War series has become one of the most popular series of military history with its fantastic selection of rare images, supported by concise text by leading authors. This series addition is particularly enjoyable, authored by one of the leading military history aviation authorities. – Most Highly Recommended.

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The Killing fields of Provence, Occupation, Resistance and Liberation In The South Of France

The author has provided a complete and well-researched study of the French Resistance groups, Allied agents and Special Forces operating against the Germans in the South of France. The story of the resistance in the South of France has been covered far less than the situation in Northern and Western France, a deficiency corrected by this very readable book. – Very Highly Recommended.

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The Sniper Anthology, Snipers of the Second World War

Produced from the contributions of leading specialists in the field, this book provides the most faceted study of snipers during WWII. The sniper of WWII descended from the earliest shooters, firing from places of concealment and, more recently, from the snipers of WWI who were the scourge of the trenches. – Highly Recommended.

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Battleground Dunkirk, The Battle of the Ypres-Comines Canal 1940, France and Flanders Campaign

A worthy addition to a brilliant series of battleground guides which is becoming a highly successful series of guides. The defeat of the Allies in the Battle of France and the amazing and courageous success of evacuating over 300,000 British and French troops from the exposed beaches of Dunkirk may explain why the battles that made the Dunkirk evacuation possible have long deserved better coverage. – Most Highly Recommended.

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Putin’s Virtual War, Russia’s Subversion and Conversion of America, Europe and the World Beyond

Putin was a lad from the slums who joined the KGB and, although his personal reviews were often very poor, he made it to the top and then onto President. The author has set out the dangers that Putin has brought to the world in a must-read book. – Most Highly Recommended.

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Flight Through The Ages, A 50th Anniversary Tribute to the Guild of Aviation Artists

A beautifully produced book in A4 landscape with an image per page in full colour that celebrates the history of flight through the eyes of Guild of Aviation Artists in joint celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Guild. The collection of images is outstanding and demonstrates the creative advantages of painting over photography. This is a book that will appeal to a very wide audience. – Most Highly Recommended. Continue reading